Top 15 Best Home Health Care Software

Are you finding it hectic to manage your home health care agency without software? Given the complexities of a healthcare agency, and managing such an intricate institution, leveraging home health care software can simplify things for you. As the healthcare landscape keeps evolving each day, technology has become a necessity for revolutionizing the delivery of home healthcare services.

But with thousands of home health care agency software on the market, it can be daunting to pick the right one for your agency. Choosing the ideal software allows you to enhance efficiency, elevate care quality, and manage the welfare of your caregiver team.

In this post, we’ll review the top 15 best software for home health care professionals. We’ll discuss their features, such as billing and scheduling and HIPAA compliance, to help you choose the right tool.

The Best Home Health Care Software To Improve Agency’s Efficiency       

1.   MatrixCare EMR Software

MatrixCare is one of the best systems available in the industry today for managing electronic medical records (EMR). Think of this software as an all-around tool for managing home healthcare facilities catering to the needs of seniors or those under long-term care.

MaxiCare is equipped with a plethora of features and tools, including comprehensive documentation, clinical decision support, and care coordination. It also makes it easier to track care recipients’ meals, preferences, consumption, and more. The integrated resident and clinical management tools enable agencies to document various residential occurrences, create schedules for caregivers, and automate service plans.

As one of the best home health care scheduling software, MaxiCare supports a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, and the cloud.

2.   Hubstaff

Hubstaff is one of the simplest and easiest to use home health care software, offering its core function in the form of timesheets. It’s primarily used for scheduling caregivers’ tasks, managing calendars, and managing clients.


Hubstaff also supports the accounting bit of managing a healthcare agency by including billing and invoicing features. It also supports the management of payrolls, meaning that every caregiver’s payslip is created and customized according to the payment model in place. But unlike MaxiCare, Hubstaff doesn’t support patient records and care plan management.

If you’d like to get a taste of its efficiency, Hubstaff offers a 14-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The entry plan starts at $4.99 per user per month and supports a minimum of two users.

3.   Connecteam

Just like the name suggests, Connecteam helps healthcare facilities put the management of their caregiver team under one roof. It’s one of the best free home health care software, offering top-notch features like clocking, payroll management, task scheduling, and geofencing.

Besides these core features, Connecteam also integrates communication tools, allowing you to sync phone books, manage events, provide updates, and chat. There’s also a powerful new hire onboarding integration equipped with mobile courses and an employee handbook to help you build a productive workforce.

Connecteam is a cloud-based software with mobile access for both the caregiver’s team and administrators. However, it falls short on billing and invoicing, client management, and patient record management. 

4.   WellSky Personal Care

WellSky Personal Care is an intuitive Software as a Service (SaaS) for scheduling teams and managing staff. With in-home care features, it allows families to interact with caregivers and market your agency’s services through referrals. It also supports your agency’s growth, allowing you to build and manage your franchise network.

WellSky comes with integral features such as billing and invoicing, payroll management, and patient record management. It also allows you to tailor your client management by including care plans that help maintain the well-being of clients. 

To get started with WellSky, you need to request a personalized demo. After this, the software provider will share a quote based on the size of your agency and the features you need.

5.   Alora Home Health

Alora Home Health

Alora is a comprehensive SaaS home health care software built to support professional and in-home health care agencies. It’s ideal for all types of healthcare facilities, from home care, and hospices to private duty agencies. This cloud-based software allows you to manage any aspect of your facility, including the operational, clinical, and financial aspects.

If you want efficient home health care billing software, Alora is your go-to software. Its billing feature is one of the most robust, supporting the payment of most major insurance schemes such as Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, and more. Alora also includes integral features such as client management and patient record management. It breaks down healthcare facility management by supporting role scheduling, calendar management, and payroll.

6.   AlayaCare

If you run an in-home care facility or agency that caters to the needs of seniors, you might want to consider AlayaCare. It’s equipped with powerful features for supporting all types of home care management, nursing, and therapy for the betterment of clients.

AlayaCare is a SaaS solution equipped with key features of healthcare facility management. These include automated billing, real-time client management, scheduling tools, and calendar management. It also makes payroll management a breeze. This home health care scheduling software makes caregiver and client management more efficient by offering powerful data insights supported by predictive AI.

AlayaCare follows a value-based pricing model, which means you pay for the features your agency needs. To get started, you need to request a quote that comes with a free demo.

7.   Casamba EMR

Casamba EMR is a robust home healthcare SaaS by Net Health that supports the operations of facilities that primarily provide home-based care and physical therapy. It supports all types of therapy support features backed by healthcare data analytics for rapidly evolving healthcare needs.

Like most other home health care software, Casamba EMR comes with plenty of functionalities to support any facility’s operations. These include billing and invoicing, revenue cycle management, client management, patient records management, and scheduling. You can also manage your team’s payroll processing and ensure that your agency is HIPAA-compliant.

Casamba EMR

Casamba EMR is cloud-based but has dedicated Windows and macOS desktop applications. Its pricing model is based on your agency’s requirements after receiving a free demo.

8.   Net Health

Net Health is a cloud-based, specialized home health care system built to help care facilities provide efficient care. It’s a robust tool that heavily relies on predictive AI models to provide wound care and rehabilitation therapy. If you’ve had challenges managing insurance claims, Net Health offers an efficient analytical tool to minimize delays and enhance client engagement.

Net Health comes packed with useful features for efficiently running a healthcare facility. These include billing and invoicing, calendar management, patient records management, and care plan management. It can also help you streamline your operations to stay HIPAA-compliant.

If you’re looking for free home health care scheduling software, Net Health may offer a free trial on request. There isn’t a defined pricing model at the moment, so you’ll need to request a demo to get a quote according to your facility’s needs.

9.    CareCloud

CareCloud is one of the top home health care software providers, offering a cloud-based solution for health care practice management. It improves efficiency by streamlining administrative and clinical workflows for healthcare facilities. As an electronic health records (HER) solution, it provides a user-friendly interface that supports patient encounter documentation, patient records management, and clinical information processing.

CareCloud excels at providing powerful features that can maximize efficiency. With the revenue cycle management feature, it becomes easier to optimize billing and collections processes to improve revenue. Other key features worth mentioning include claims management, telemedicine, reporting and analytics, and HIPAA compliance.

The availability of advanced features, interoperability focus, and a friendly interface make CareCloud a favorite comprehensive home healthcare software. To get a quote, schedule a demo to receive a quotation that meets your agency’s requirements.

10.  CareSmartz360


CareSmartz360 is a comprehensive cloud-based home healthcare software that lets you control each component of your care practice. If you are particularly focused on enhancing your operations and strengthening your HIPAA compliance, this is the right software to go for.

An important component of CareSmartz360 is client and caregiver management. It incorporates demographic data, care plans, client preferences, scheduling, and recruitment. It’s also one of the best home health care onboarding software that comes equipped with new hire training, an employee handbook, and task assignments.

Other important features to look forward to, include automated billing and invoicing, electronic visit verification, compliance, and documentation. Its ease of access through mobile devices allows your team of caregivers to access client information, record visit notes, and interact with the agency remotely.

11.  Kareo

Kareo is designed to help healthcare facilities enhance patient care and streamline administrative tasks. It’s primarily focused on medical billing through a comprehensive suite of tools to help private practices manage their financial aspects while promoting independence.

This home health care billing software automates functions like payment posting, claim submission, and revenue cycle management. There is also an assortment of intuitive billing workflows, real-time eligibility verification, and electronic submission of claims. All these are meant to accelerate the processing of payments and maximize your facility’s revenue collection.

Other important features of Kareo include electronic health records (EHR) management, patient management, scheduling, and telemedicine. There’s also an advanced reporting and analytics feature that tracks KPIs and analyzes practice data to identify trends. This tool also prioritizes HIPAA compliance by providing robust data security features. To get started with Kareo, request a free demo and receive a quote that matches the features your facility needs.

12.  Hospice Tools

Just as the name suggests, Hospice Tools is primarily built to help hospice care and palliative facilities enhance their productivity and efficiency. It comes equipped with crucial features to support your practice, such as billing and invoicing, patient records management, care plan management, and calendar management.

Hospice Tools

If you’re looking to strengthen your HIPAA compliance, Hospice Tools offers a robust data security feature. It also makes management of your caregiver team’s schedules easier through its advanced scheduling feature. However, it doesn’t include client and payroll management.

Hospice Tools offers a free trial for 14 days, after which you can get started with their entry plan of $85 per month per user.

13.  ShiftCare

ShiftCare is a fully-fledged home health care software, offering a myriad of features to make your care operations seamless. It makes it easier to schedule caregivers’ duties and manage shifts, clients, and patient records.

It improves efficiency in other aspects of your practice, such as enhancing bookkeeping through advanced accounting features. ShiftCare also incorporates billing, invoicing, and expense management to reduce your bookkeeping workload. The mobile app support is available for iOS and Android devices, allowing your team to connect and keep track of shifts remotely.

ShiftCare pricing plan starts at $9 per user per month but comes with a free trial to let you make an informed decision.

14.  AxisCare

Do you run an agency with several locations? AxisCare is one of the best home health care software for multi-location care practices. It integrates advanced features that help facilities track key performance metrics, manage revenue cycles, and effortlessly meet HIPAA compliance.

AxisCare also comes with lots of tools that prioritize client management while helping you enhance your caregiver team’s experience. The advanced scheduling features allow agencies to generate and manage clients’ and caregivers’ schedules, and track the availability of caregivers in a given location.

It also incorporates accounting tools for billing and invoicing, tracking payments, and electronically verifying visits. With the care plan management feature, agencies can customize clients’ care by including specific goals, tasks, and preferences. To get a pricing plan for your agency, request a free demo from AxisCare.

15.   HHAeXchange


If you need to streamline your agency’s compliance, HHAeXchange is the best home health care software. It’s built to manage care providers’ activities by connecting to state agencies. It also offers an excellent platform to receive payments from major insurance providers like Medicaid and Medicare.

HHAeXchange is also equipped with several compliance features to help you meet state and federal regulations. Its electric visit verification feature comes in handy for validating every patient’s visit. With the payroll and scheduling features, your caregivers can receive their assignments remotely and get paid on time.

Through its highly intuitive dashboard, you can get insights on client management and revenue to help you manage your facility more efficiently. Contact HHAeXchange to get a personalized demo and quotation.

Which Home Health Care Agency Software Should You Pick?

The right home health care agency software for your practice depends on your specific needs. Since every agency is unique, we highly suggest getting started with the free software to help you understand your requirements. If you can’t find the ideal free software, check out the ones offering free trials and demos.

Most importantly, keep your caregiver team updated with the dynamics of the caregiving industry. Enroll them in comprehensive home health and caregiver training courses at Caregivers Courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a home health care software?

Home health care software is an application solution that simplifies and optimizes the management of home care agencies’ operations. It helps to keep track of clients data, caregivers schedules, and accounting information. Most providers offer it in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) with monthly subscriptions per user.

What are the key features of home health care software?

The features may vary according to the provider, however, most software solutions come with electronic health records (EHR), calendar management, and scheduling among others. However, the key features should include billing and invoicing, care coordination, and remote caregiver monitoring.

Can home health care software be customized to an agency’s needs?

Absolutely! Most software providers offer features, modules, and pricing based on an agency’s needs. this flexibility gives facilities the advantage of adapting the software to their preferences and requirements.

Are all home health care software HIPAA compliant?

Not all are HIPAA compliant, but most reputable software adhere to the strict requirements on data security and privacy. This allows an agency to protect patients’ data against breaches as required by HIPAA regulations.

Can a home health care software integrate with third-party systems in my agency?

Yes, most software solutions allow integration with other commonly used systems in the healthcare industry. Most support integration with telehealth platforms, caregiver training platforms, electronic medical record (EMR) systems, and accounting tools.

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