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Top 15 Best Caregiver Agency to Work For [Expert Review]

The health caregiving industry steadily blossomed over the years and is now approximately a $30 billion industry. Professionals in this field now have a vast array of workplaces to consider when applying for a job. With many agencies for cna available, caregivers have a great opportunity to build their career in their preferred work environment.

Still, picking an agency could become an overwhelming task, especially since agencies that hire caregivers are aplenty. As a healthcare expert, you need to join an institution that aligns with your objectives. It should also provide the right salary and employment conditions to nurture your professional growth.

If you are looking for a new workplace, here are the best home health agencies to work for in 2024!

How to find the best caregiver agency to work for

Before getting to the list of best cna agencies, there are factors worth considering when job hunting. It’s crucial to select an agency carefully as the industry is set to reach over $60 billion by 2030. Now is a great time to weigh your options with these pointers in mind.

Check employee reviews

No one knows best how a cna company works other than its employees. It’s ideal to do your research on the agencies that pique your interest. There are a few trusted sites that provide legitimate feedback from caregivers including Indeed and Glassdoor.

You may also seek correspondence with an employee to get first-hand information regarding the agency’s working conditions.

Review systems and processes

The best caregiver agency to work for will generally promote excellent systems and processes. This detail-oriented profession requires organized and timely management of operations and human resources. You can start by checking the company’s policies and interview process that can indicate how the agency handles various tasks.

Identify the service area

One of the first few things to factor into your decision is the service area. Does the company near your home, or do you have to relocate? Ideally, agencies that hire caregivers opt for employees who are familiar with the area. Some may offer accommodations to qualified workers who need to relocate. Either way, your location preference is a priority.

Evaluate the type of clients they serve

Evaluate the type of clients they serve

The best caregiver agency to work for may specialize in a niche or serve a broader range of clients. There are companies that provide senior care or focus on specific cases like autism, dementia, or hospice support. You can select an agency based on what type of client you prefer to serve.

Inspect compensation and benefits

Caregiving is a demanding and strenuous job, which is why you deserve ample compensation for your work. Top paying home health care agencies not only provide competitive salaries but also standard benefits like paid leave and insurance.

Remember, you’re also working for your future and not just the present. A suitable retirement plan should also come into play if you stay in this career path for the long run.

Inquire about continuing education and support

The best caregiver agency to work for will always support employees’ desire for continued learning. Top-performing companies invest in providing caregiving training for their workers. You should choose an agency that allows you to grow your healthcare career and backs your upskilling venture.

A good cna agency will also have a support team ready to deliver assistance to caregivers at any time. When starting out at a new workplace, it’s vital to get the proper guidance so you can perform tasks rightly. A company worth joining readily offers these resources and more for you.

15 best home health agencies to work for

Caregiving companies constantly seek to become the best, but there are institutions that lead the competition. Here are the best caregiver companies to work for if you want to establish a career in this field.

Maxim Healthcare Services

As the best caregiver agency to work for, Maxim Healthcare manages traditional caregiving duties to clients with different needs. From activities of daily living to medication management, this company offers quality caregiving services that can help sharpen your skills.

Total Care Connections

Total Care Connections

Total Care Connections is one of the top paying home care agencies available. Caregivers can enjoy flexible hours, 401K, and a host of insurances, as well as paid leaves and holidays.

You also get the opportunity to further your education via certificate programs shouldered by the company. Overall, it is worthy of being touted as the best caregiver agency to work for.

Interim Healthcare

If your expertise lies in senior homecare management, Interim Healthcare is the right fit for you. It’s the best place to work as a cna if you want to hone skills in personalizing care for clients. You can also learn how to establish companionship that provides a positive impact to the senior’s quality of life.

Valley of the Sun Homecare

The commendable client-to-caregiver matching of Valley of Sun Homecare is a huge reason for appearing in this list. Aside from quarterly training, caregivers can also earn certifications such as First Aid and CPR, including an annual TB test.

Right At Home

One of the most competitive cna agencies, Right at Home is a well-known caregiving company in the US. It offers an opportunity to build a fruitful career in this field, helping you learn by training and experience. From personal care to skilled nursing, there are valuable learnings that you can only get from the best caregiver agency to work for.

Nightingale Homecare

Agencies for cna like Nightingale Homecare offer signing bonuses to new employees. They also have a highly established non-discrimination policy that ensures fairness and equality in the workplace. Operated and owned by registered nurses, this institution is one of the best employers in the industry.

A-Z Home Care Options

Top paying home care agencies understand that a robust benefit package can attract highly skilled caregivers. A-Z Home Care Options provides outstanding coverage for full-time workers, including medical, dental, disability, vision, and 401K. With a weekly pay schedule, this company boasts a competitive advantage in the caregiving industry.

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels

The exceptional homecare services of Visiting Angels make it the best caregiver agency to work for. As a franchise, it provides consistency and stability in terms of employment opportunities. Aside from traditional caregiving responsibilities, the agency also handles meal preparation and pet care for its esteemed clients.

Endeavor In-Home Care

As a W2 employer, Endeavor In-Home Care ensures that every employee receives the pay they deserve. You can get compensated based on shift or hourly wages. It’s important to join an institution that manages your paycheck properly.

As a professional, you deserve transparency in your wages, as well as other great benefits suitable for employees. As such, Endeavor is undoubtedly the best caregiver agency to work for.

Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Established in 1994, Cypress HomeCare Solutions has attractive incentives that show how much they care for employees. Firstly, it’s one of the agencies that hire caregivers on a full-time and not contractual basis. There’s flexible scheduling, weekly pay, overtime shifts, and other benefits that compensate for your efforts at work.

If you seek continuous career advancement opportunities and caregiving training, this company is perfect for you. It is the best caregiver agency to work for not only for the competitive pay but exceptional work culture, too!

 Bright Star Care

One of the first few things you should inspect is the base salary—and Bright Star Care offers it competitively. It is a household name in the caregiving industry, honing various skills for eager employees. You can gain knowledge and experience in physical therapy, nursing care, and occupational therapy, among others.

Home Instead Senior Care

If senior caregiving is your forte, Home Instead Senior Care is the best caregiver agency to work for. It is a household name in the field, with several branches across several major cities. You can learn more about Alzheimer’s care, senior’s meal preparation, and personalized services that will advance your homecare skills greatly.


Sante has all the benefits you want in a caregiver agency: attractive salary, rewards program, paid leave, 401K, and more. It’s no wonder that this institution is the best caregiver agency to work for.


This company has several other benefits including excellent insurance coverage for medical, dental, vision, and disability. You can also have universal life insurance that covers basic and supplemental requisites.

 Amada Senior Care

A senior’s care plan is delicate, and Amada Senior Care has great systems and processes concerning this type of client. The reputable company cares for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You can offer bespoke care following the institution’s robust protocols, and a respite care should you prefer taking breaks.

Adultcare Assistance Homecare

A great indicator that the best caregiver agency to work for truly cares for its employees is the retention rate. Adultcare Assistance Homecare is one such company since more than half of its caregivers have been in the team for five years or more.

All employees are made privy to various benefits and incentives. You can also receive initial and regular monthly training to further your caregiving skills.


You can become an outstanding homecare professional so long as the employer, workplace, and working conditions meet your preference. The best caregiver agency to work for is one that provides the right resources and support. If you want to cement your career in this field, joining a reputable cna agency is the first step!


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